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Experience Services (Helpdesk)

Improve user experience and increase satisfaction with Helpdesk, our cloud-based ticketing system where owners’ problems are reported and automatically allocated to validated suppliers.


Premium & highly flexible platform, providing multiple intuitive features. Bilingual. Customizable. Helpdesk provides exceptional service to owners and occupiers and creates an unparalleled user experience.

Top Helpdesk Features

  1. Clear view on Owners, Suppliers, Buildings.

    - Invoices
    - Services request
    - Open tickets
    - Scheduler
    - Notifications
    - Newsletter
    - Community 
    - Market place

    … and many more!
  2. Submitting tickets never been so easy and comprehensive:

    - Add images, videos, text
    - Find prices directly from the suppliers
    - Schedule an intervention
    - Have a video call within the tickets
    - Rate the supplier
    - Status, history etc.

  3. Feed the needs of the community:

    - Newsletter communication
    - Community offers & custom information
    - Market place

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