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Technical Due Dilligence

Building surveys are essential to buying & selling property. They highlight risks, bring clarity to complex technical issues, identify & quantify liabilities & give an informed position from which to negotiate.

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Buying certainty

You’ll find all the building specialists you need in one place, from Chartered Building Surveyors to environmental experts and services engineers. All coordinated through a single point of contact, managing everything for you.

  1. Transaction certainty

    We want you to be better informed than your counterparty. Knowing more means you’ll get the best from every negotiation and achieve better outcomes every time.

    Our meticulous approach is the same whether we’re representing you on an acquisition or a sale, and whether it’s a single building or a portfolio.
  2. Industry specialists

    We have the largest network of real estate advisors in the world. That means we have the specialists in all the places you need them.
  3. We can respond quickly

    With so many in-house experts we can hit the ground running with a team specially picked for your assignment. Our qualified surveyors, ESG consultants and building specialists are ready when you need them. Our team is coordinated by your single point of contact which guarantees the clarity and consistency of our advice, whilst driving optimal results.
  4. We give you a real commercial advantage

    When you’re buying or selling property, we know our advice is always part of a broader agenda, so we make sure it’s practical, commercially focused and leaves no questions unanswered. Our technical insight, detailed analysis and market knowledge will save you money and manage your exposure to risk.

    We investigate everything thoroughly - from building structures to the many engineering services installations - assessing their quality and condition, as well as measuring how they perform against energy legislation and the sustainability agenda.

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