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CBRE’s Technical Services optimise your operating cost, reduce risk, improve safety, and enhance uptime through industry-leading technical talent, technology, tools, and maintenance strategies.


World-class Technical Maintenance Services

We know our clients face ever-increasing pressures to find the right maintenance systems, methodologies, and resources to maintain their facilities. Falling short in any area increases business disruption risk while driving up maintenance costs. We solve for this problem by aligning our globally consistent tools and strategies with measurably superior technical talent and asset optimization. Our ability to deploy the right people, with the right tools and processes specific to each client, ensures we deliver world-class outcomes. We attract and retain the best technical staff, while maintaining the right culture, with a relentless focus on risk management and continuous improvement to provide "peace-of-mind maintenance" for clients across all industry sectors.

Our Featured Offerings

We can meet your facilities management needs no matter the property type or industry.

  •  Facility Maintenance: Every building is unique—so why isn’t your maintenance strategy? Our technical staff and suppliers are specialized to make sure they reduce risk and cost while, maximizing reliability, performance, and efficiency.
  • Technical Talent: We are committed to leading the industry in recruiting, retaining, and educating our facilities personnel and technical talent. We have more enrollees in our programs than any other facilities management company world-wide allowing our people to thrive in their careers and ensure we attract and retain the best talent in the market.
  • CBRE Shield: We know that critical facilities require a higher level of risk mitigation. CBRE Shield offers exemplary operational risk management and avoidance of business disruptions in critical facilities and data centers through elevated processes, amplified training, and additional risk management tools.
  • Safety & Compliance Assurance: We believe there is nothing more important than the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients, and those with whom we work. We work diligently to maintain a strong culture of safety to ensure a work environment absent of recognized health and safety hazards across all facilities.

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