Sales of luxury homes rose in 2H 2017, leading to the highest number and value of GCB transactions in 5 years.


18 GCBs were sold in 2H 2017, boosted by bigger deals. The average price rose by 17.3% to $1,457 psf from mid-2017.


4 bungalows in Sentosa Cove were sold in 2H 2017. Prices for Sentosa Cove bungalows were 23.9% higher at $1,909 psf.


Sales volume of luxury apartments increased in 2H 2017 with 202 units sold, leading to 372 units sold for 2017, the highest in 5 years.


The average price of luxury apartments rose from $2,446 psf in 1H 2017 to $2,505 psf in 2H 2017.


Investor interest in luxury homes is likely to remain strong going into 2018 in light of the recovering economy and sentiments.