The working process is changing and every generation is adapting in its own way. The COVID-19 pandemic debuted at the beginning of 2020, forcing a great share of companies to send their employees to work from home. Usual activities such as small talks with colleagues, the coffee break or even the usual lunch at the cafeteria which were taken for granted at the office, proved to be essential and with great impact on the well-being of an employee, regardless of the generation he/she belongs to.

The traditional office is at the beginning of a transformational path where both safety and the well-being of the employee  are the foundation stones. Advanced technologies and Green certifications for the new office buildings will become a must for most of the companies while the older ones must reinvent themselves in order to stay on the market.

With new regulations in place, the office spaces will continue to be the most used place to work by employees no matter the generation and digital skills, even if working from home will be available.

We will have to wait and see if the desire to work from home is mainly due to the lockdown or is just that Romanians are becoming more open to digitalization and flexible working hours. Even so, the work – life balance will recalibrate and our social nature will prevail through the long working hours.