Romania modern stock of office spaces reached over 4.3 mln. sq m in Q2. Another 335,300 sq m to be delivered by 2023.

Bucharest is the leading city on the office segment, with a total modern stock of 3.3 mln. sq m, in the context of a total population of 2.1 million and an unemployment rate of 5,1%. Hosting 31 universities, both public and private, Bucharest provides over 170,000 graduates each year, contributing to the city’s appeal as a destination for companies looking to extend their business in Romania.

The Capital city is followed by Cluj-Napoca (350,000 sq m), Timisoara (294,000 sq m), Iasi (205,000 sq m), and Brasov (155,000 sq m). At the same time, the fastest growing market is represented by Bucharest, the modern stock being 10% higher in Q2 compared to the same quarter of 2021.

Cluj-Napoca has over 740,000 inhabitants and an unemployment rate of 2,1%. 72,000 graduates complete their studies each year in the city’s 9 public and private universities. Timisoara’s population exceeded 700,000 people, while the unemployment rate is 1,8%. With 7 public and private universities, Timisoara delivers over 44,000 graduates yearly.