The year 2021 has begun on a positive note, with the start of the vaccination drive across the country. As the real estate sector recalibrates, end-users, occupiers and developers would need to integrate their interests in order to move beyond COVID-19. This is our exclusive research piece that tries to capture the way forward for the sector in 2021:

  • Office – The sector is moving towards a hybrid model of working, defined by workforce agility, tech adoption and wellness.
  • I&L – A tech-enhanced, networked supply chain mechanism would become a buzzword in this sector.
  • Retail – The idea of shopping is changing, driven by the evolving role of the physical store and shift in consumer behaviour.
  • Residential – The sector is continuing on its path of becoming more buyer-centric, with mid-end and budget housing playing a dominant role.
  • Alternate segments – Flexible workspaces, data centers and cold storage facilities are increasingly becoming a focus area among stakeholders.

We’ve also created an infographic highlighting the critical themes that will guide Indian real estate in 2021. 

Hope you find it a good read. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback with us.