August 5, 2020

Uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically slowed real estate activity in Q2 2020. As the global economy begins to recover, how will real estate markets respond?

Most major economies have begun lifting restrictions to varying degrees. Explore the real estate and economic indicators guiding recovery for the top cities around the world.


Burning Questions


Each sector of commercial real estate is facing its own unique challenges. Listen as Spencer Levy, Chairman of Americas Research and Senior Economic Advisor, asks CBRE's leading economic and market experts for the answer to one burning question facing their sector. 


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The Weekly Take


A Long & Winding Road: The Outlook for Commercial Real Estate's Recovery

A view on the prospects for a global economic recovery and the road back for commercial real estate with Richard Barkham, CBRE's Chief Global Economist.




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COVID-19 Outbreak

We remain steadfast in providing timely insights and expertise during this unprecedented time.

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