• The ongoing pandemic and relatively successful adoption of mass remote working have prompted Asia Pacific office occupiers to undertake comprehensive reviews of their real estate portfolios and future office space requirements as they look to adapt to a very different world to the one that existed just 12 months ago.


  • As corporates continue with this process, this Special Report, based on a recent occupier survey by CBRE Asia Pacific Research, examines how office strategy will evolve in the coming years, from labour to location, and from occupancy to design. Key conclusions include:


  • Workforce Strategy – Creating a hybrid working model

    Around 66% of survey respondents intend to allow remote working for no more than one or two days per week. This will create a hybrid workforce based in a physical office.


  • Workplace Strategy – Enhancing experience to improve engagement, innovation and productivity

    Offices possess considerable advantages over remote working locations in terms of driving employee engagement, innovation and team productivity. These criteria are set to take on even greater importance in informing future workplace design.


  • Portfolio Strategy – Resilient office demand and need for greater flexibility

    Portfolio strategy will aim at increasing agility, locational diversity and space efficiency. Technology will play a crucial role in facilitating a new “phygital” working experience enabling employees to seamlessly switch between onsite and remote locations.