Web-based Location Intelligence platform and a flagship tool within CBRE's Technology Suite, PANORAMA powers world’s unrivalled Geographic Information System (GIS) Technology to create unique digital location story.

From multi-media presentations to client applications showcasing real-time information, PANORAMA creates a compelling location story that provides the insight necessary to confidently make faster, more educated decisions.

With PANORAMA, CBRE’s Location Intelligence team creates tangible real estate scenarios to interactively uncover trends and relationships from satellite view to property level.  

HOW IT WORKS? PANORAMA transforms real estate into real Advantage providing:


Additional Tools and Services:

In addition to custom-created, hand-drawn maps by our GIS professionals, CBRE provides a variety of self-service tools including BAM, our online mapping system.

The CBRE Dimension Geocoder uses multiple data sources to find the most accurate location for each input.