The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the job market as a whole and has shown new opportunities and challenges in the working habits and styles of individuals and teams. Thanks to our latest studies, CEE/Romania Work From Home 2021 edition & EMEA Occupiers Survey 2021, we know what employees desire and what the current trends in the workplace are.

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Hybrid Work as the New Normal

Remote work
accentuated the requirement for flexibility and a work-life balance. Thus, most companies respond by implementing a hybrid work model that requires a new workplace reconfiguration with an emphasis on connecting people and teams and ensuring their well-being, productivity, and engagement. Request our complete guide to How Hybrid Work is Impacting the Workplace and Transforming Commercial Real Estate.

There Is No One-Size-Fits-All Approach

The key to the success
of setting up a sustainable and effective hybrid work model is to correctly understand the needs of the employees and to link them properly with the company’s goals. Our team knows how and will advise you as to which solution is right for your company.

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Our studies

The results of the surveys
between employees and companies confirm the need for structural workplace changes. At the same time, they emphasize the different needs of companies according to the type of organisation and nature of the workers’ activities. Our latest reports present the different approaches and strategies towards workplace.

How people evaluate home office a year later

How people evaluate home office a year later

A survey carried out in eight CEE countries reveals how office employees have adapted to remote work after a year of the pandemic, and where they see the pros and cons.
Hybrid work strategy guide

Hybrid work strategy guide

Hybrid work transforms commercial real estate and workplaces. The guide offers possible approaches and tips on how to adopt the model to benefit both employees and the company.
How office occupiers see their future

How office occupiers see their future

A survey amongst 130 tenants in the EMEA region answers questions about the experience and expectations of companies as they look at the emerging trend of hybrid work and how they perceive shared spaces and relationships with employees.

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